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A dishwasher is life changing! Since you got it, the drudgery of doing the dishes by hand is over: not only are your dishes now washed without you even thinking about it, but you also save a lot of water. Indeed, while a dish made by hand uses about 50 liters of water, the latest models of dishwashers use barely 10 liters for impeccable dishes!

However,  a dishwasher is also an appliance that must be maintained , if you want it to accompany you for many years. Don’t wait for your dishwasher to break down!

Does your dishwasher give off bad smells? It is  scaled up and the washes are imperfect  ? With simple gestures, you can easily find a dishwasher in perfect working order.

Don’t know how to maintain your dishwasher ? Our Home Serve expert will guide you step by step by giving you all the  tips for properly maintaining your dishwasher , for shinier dishes, longer!

How to maintain a dishwasher in 8 steps

To maintain an optimal washing result and prolong the life of your appliance, it is recommended to  maintain it once a month  or when necessary.

1 – Unplug your dishwasher

To avoid any risk of electrocution, it is essential to unplug your dishwasher during these maintenance sessions.

2 – Clean the joints of your dishwasher and its compartments

With water and heat, the door seals of your dishwasher are particularly exposed. The projections of particles detached from the dishes get stuck there, and bacteria risk developing there.

Once a month, with a damp sponge or cloth, clean the seals on the door of your dishwasher , as well as those on the frame of the appliance. Also clean the small detergent compartments on the door and the cutlery compartment.

3 – Rinse the arms of the dishwasher

The rotating arm (or arms) of your dishwasher is equipped with small nozzles that project water, and it often happens that they become clogged.

Depending on the dishwasher model, these arms can be easily removed: rinse them under a tap and use a pin or a small screwdriver to release the dirt stuck in the nozzles.

On some models, the rotating arms are fixed: a short gym session will be essential to clean them!

4 – Empty the residue stuck in the dishwasher filters

The filters of your dishwasher are the small baskets located at the bottom of the tank of your appliance. These filters are easy to remove: empty the residue inside in your bin and wash it carefully with dish soap and a brush.

5 – Adjust the softener according to the hardness of the water

Ask your supplier about the hardness of the water  in your home, and adjust the built-in softener of your dishwasher by following the instructions given in its user guide.

6 – Descale your dishwasher by running it empty

If your water is too hard and your dishwasher’s softener is not enough , there are specific descaling products that will allow you to avoid scale problems despite everything. Run your dishwasher empty with these preventive products, on the hottest setting, once every two months.

7 – Evenly distribute the weight of the dishes on the racks of your dishwasher

As far as possible, evenly distribute the weight of your dishes on the trolleys of your dishwasher: you will avoid damaging the plastic wheels with which the trolleys are equipped.

8 – Store your cutlery pointing up

In your cutlery basket, always store knives and forks pointing up to avoid breaking the plastic grid at the bottom of the basket.

You see, it’s not very complicated to maintain your dishwasher by following the advice of our Home Serve expert. And, if you need more information on the maintenance of your dishwasher, do not hesitate to call on a professional!

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